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Nestled along the stunning Oregon coast, Cape Meares is a captivating community renowned for its natural beauty and distinctive attractions.  Homes here are very hard to come by due to its incredible location between two parks directly on the beach. 

The Cape Meares State Scenic Viewpoint takes center stage here, offering awe-inspiring vistas of the Pacific Ocean against rugged cliffs. At the heart of this viewpoint stands the historic Cape Meares Lighthouse, an octagonal marvel dating back to 1890. Visitors can explore this well-preserved beacon, delving into maritime history and relishing panoramic views from its summit.

The community's ambiance is characterized by its peaceful and rejuvenating atmosphere, making it an ideal destination for those looking to connect with nature. Cape Meares invites exploration and contemplation, with its combination of coastal grandeur, historical landmarks, and natural wonders creating an unforgettable experience. 

View of Cape Meares Oregon beachfront homes View of the rocks offshore from Cape Meares Oregon Bright Sunset flare behind the Cape Meares Lighthouse View of the cliffs that lead to the community of Cape Meares Oregon Horse back riding on the beach of Cape Meares Oregon

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